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Contact Lenses

    Jonathan Fox is the Contact lens specialist and he is happy to answer any question on what lens Is best for you There are so many different lenses available.

    After having a thorough consultation by Jonathan he can determine which Contact lens is most suitable for each individual whether it is:

    Daily disposable lens

  • Daily disposable contact lenses offer superb convenience and no lens care - just wear them once and throw them away!
  • Opticians believe daily disposables are the healthiest contact lenses for your eyes as your lenses are always new, so there is no build up of harmful deposits
  • Great for allergy sufferers - there are no solutions for cleaning or storage which can trigger allergy problems.
  • Daily disposable lenses can now correct a wide range of prescriptions, from standard myopia through to torics for astigmatism, varifocal dailies and coloured dailies.

  • 2 weekly

    These contact lenses are designed to be replaced every 1-2 weeks. They are normally removed each day and cleaned and stored in contact lens solution.


    Monthly contact lenses now come in a wide variety of materials and powers to suit most customers requirements. Monthly lenses are designed to be worn for up to 30 days and removed, cleaned and stored in contact lens solution each night .

    Continuous wear

    Continuous wear contact lenses are designed to be worn day and night for up to 30 days. Now, there is no need to daily remove, clean and store your lenses. Advanced materials enable these contact lenses to allow significantly more oxygen to your eye, so that your eyes remain healthy.


    Multifocal contact lenses are a great option for those customers who now need reading glasses over their contact lenses to help them with close work. Now both distance and near vision is corrected in the one contact lens, in a similar way to varifocal glasses.

    Toric lens to correct for Astigmatism

    Toric contact lenses are designed to correct astigmatism in your prescription. Advances in lens technology have resulted in lenses that can not only correct your vision to a very high standard, but also provide suberb comfort and stability of vision.

    Soft contact lenses are very comfortable and are extremely healthy to wear due to the advances with the CL design & material

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