Eye Examination by Fox - Stevens Optometrists

3 Tier Private Sight Tests
  • BASIC- Private Sight Examination £27

    Just because your vision is good does NOT mean your eyes are healthy
    A routine eye test should be carried out at least every 2 yrs and in a lot of customers every Year

    Our Eye tests are carried out in a friendly & professional manner , this starts with a brief Case History to find out the main reason why you have come to visit us today . We then do an extensive range of testing to check your vision and health of your eyes

    We screen for eye disease such as Cataracts , Glaucoma , Age Related Macular Disease , Retinal disease , ocular Tumours and other vascular disease issues

    We then summarise our professional findings and give you the best possible advise to help you with your Ocular & Visual needs

  • STANDARD -Sight Test £42 includes Retinal Photography

    Here at Fox Stevens we have the latest technology and we are offering Digital Retinal Photography to all our customers

    You can argue this is the Most Important Aspect of the Eye Examination

    We take photographs of the back of your eyes to obtain a much more detailed view of the health of not just your eyes but also your General Health

    It is the same vascular blood systems that run through your eyes and your body so any systemic issues can be detected by looking at the health of your retina and blood vessels such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, ocular & brain Tumours

    Any early Eye disease can be detected much sooner therefore can be treated with a better success rate

    We store the images so they act as a "Base Line" to compare to in the future so a great way to monitor the health in much more detail

    The Photographs can be easily emailed over to the doctor , eye specialist or the customer if required

  • PREMIUM - Sight Test £57 includes Retinal Photos and Visual Field Investigation

    Visual field Testing maps the field of vision of each individually

    It is a screening test for Glaucoma
    Screens the Visual Pathway of the Brain ( Tumours , swelling , injury, circulation issues ..... Stroke )
    Function of the Optic Nerve ( Glaucoma )
    Peripheral Retinal Disease ( retinal detachment )
    Toxicity ( side effects of some medications )

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