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Rodenstock Optical Lenses

    Here at Fox-Stevens we predominantly us Rodenstock for our
    Optical Lenses.

    Each Lens is a Masterpiece

    " A lens is not just a lens - even if you can't see any differences initially"

    By choosing the Rodenstock quality brand, you have chosen quality, tradition, and security. Many years of research knowledge is put into our products, which is very difficult to copy. The highest level of craftsmanship, precision grinding, and the best finish are the basis upon which you can rely. The person is always at the centre of our activities. Our goal is to make seeing to be as natural and comfortable as possible for you.

    10 good reasons for brand lenses from Rodenstock

    1. More than 130 years of experience in manufacturing innovative and high-quality lenses.

    2. Customised solutions for natural and comfortable vision

    3. Exceptionally thin and light lenses due to special grinding.

    4. Premium materials and high-tech finishes.

    5. Homogenius Technology for crystal clear and brilliant colour reproduction.

    6. With UV protection, which is important for the sensitive area around the eyes.

    7. Strictest quality controls, far beyond the German industrial standard (DIN/ISO)

    8. Won many awards, including the German Innovation Award.

    9. Six months satisfaction guarantee and 24 months quality guarantee.

    10. Including a brand certificate and discrete trademark.


    Just like any masterpiece, your Rodenstock lens is also signed - with the original "R" trademark. That way you can recognise 100% German engineering at first glance.


    You can only get Rodenstock brand lenses from qualified, specialised optical shops.

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